Is there such a thing as the best tool for building bots and conversational interfaces? With so many different use cases, modalities, team compositions and workflows, one might start to wonder whether there is such a thing as the conversation designer in the first place.

That certainly resonates in my own experiences so far, and that’s probably also why I love this role so much ?? In one day, I find myself switching from business analyst, clarifying business processes so that I can use them in my dialogs, to phonetician, tweaking the pronunciation of my assistant. And from tester to content manager. Taxonomist to architect. And most days, I spend surprisingly little time copywriting ?

For tool builders, this might mean that, rather than building yet another end-to-end platform, this might be the time to invest in your own specialty, for a specific conversational role or audience and perhaps develop some open, super-specialized add-ons. Oh, and full-text search ?

Special thanks to Jan Konig from Jovotech and Lauren Golembiewski from Voxable for sharing their insights!

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